COVID-19 Patron Guidelines

Welcome back to the Cheyenne Theater!

Here are the new procedures for our customers during the Phase 2 COVID-19 re-opening on June 4, 2020.

When buying your tickets, please maintain social distancing in the queue outside while waiting to enter the theater.

After you purchase tickets, please wait for your group to be ushered into the lobby to buy concessions and/or to enter the auditorium.

We will allow only two groups of people in the lobby at any one time. We will prepare your concessions, and then you will pay and proceed into the auditorium. There will be floor markings to assist you inside the lobby.

After picking up your concessions, please move immediately into the auditorium and find your seats, again maintaining social distancing when you pick a seating area.

We will limit the number of tickets sold, so you will be able to find a seat which is a safe distance from others.

If you go to the lobby or restrooms at any time during the movie, please keep your social distance from both other patrons and employees.

Likewise, when the movie ends, please exit the theater in a manner which maintains social distancing.

That's it: join us for a safe and enjoyable movie-going experience!